Monday, January 12, 2009

Color means always having to say you're sorry

So now that I am playing with color, I got the idea of redoing the cast page with COLOR pictures! To do this, I'd need to make a new inked drawing of each character. That's easy enough, right? After all, I've only drawn some of these kids THOUSANDS OF TIMES!

Well, here's the thing. If you look over every strip, you know what my characters look like. If you look at each individual drawing, you'll see *something* slightly-to-majorly wrong with the drawing. All the drawings average out to the perfect character... but choosing one to stand alone as THE character is maddening. It's a lot of pressure to make that perfect drawing - that both captures the character's personality AND takes well to coloring - especially when I am still rapidly improving in my execution.

Anyway, I decided to ignore updating cast/banner graphics for now and just colorize the one Suzette drawing I had around that hadn't been scanned yet. Wheeee.

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