Monday, September 14, 2009

When does hockey start?

Oh, who am I kidding? Football is my abusive lover. It can break my heart and my spirit, and I'll keep coming back over and over. Why must I root for such lousy teams? (Seahawks, you may be my only glimmer of hope.)

Is this what I get for choosing my favorite teams via color scheme? Hey, it may sound weak - but I've been rooting for these teams for over 20 years now. I think I've earned proper fandom! Aside from my beloved Redskins (being born into a sports-loving DC family ensured my loyalty), I chose to branch out one day by looking over the other teams in the newspaper. I chose three more teams: The Seahawks, the Browns and the Falcons. I loved the stylish bird logos, and I had to admire the balls it took for the Browns to not have a logo. "We're the Browns and all we give you is a field of orange - AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!" Solid! As new teams were added, I adopted (to like-but-not-love) the Panthers, the Jaguars and even the Ravens. (I know I'm supposed to hate them with a passion - but they ARE the team I grew up rooting for and their theme and colors are so damn good!)

Anyway, I've already covered my bizarre rooting strategy on this blog last year, so I won't tangent there any more. I'll just say that optimism is not very high. It's times like these when I look to FANTASY football to pick me up - except I'm doing even WORSE there. I had horrible drafts. Terrible luck out of the gate combined with my poor decisions making is shaping up to result in three narrow losses this week. My only win will come in the league I got Adrian "a bajillion points" Peterson - and that is marred because I went against him in another league.

It's hard being a DC sports fan. I grew up with the Redskins heyday, with Joe Gibbs and all those Super Bowls. I gained expectations! The Orioles never won the World Series, but Cal Ripken gave us pride! Heck, during those days the Browns were the winningest team in the league! My, how times have changed.

Nowadays the Redskins are owned by a petulant fool who ruins team chemistry and racks up bad karma every year. The Orioles have been awful for a loooong time. The Nationals became the new home town baseball team, and they might be the worst team in history! I don't give a crap about basketball, so the Bullets/Wizards were out from the start.

At least the Capitals are decent in this era. Yay hockey!

I know this post was kinda lame, but a "Fail to the Deadskins" reaction was due! Plus, I've done nothing except the tiniest bit of comic work today, so it was all I had to share.


Al S. Romero said...

Ouch sorry about the lose there. I am not completely into sport, but if I had to choose a football team, it would be the Dallas Cowboys. They are doing okay, right now. Anyways, hope your other team could do well.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

The Cowboys are the Redskins' mortal enemies!

Tex said...

I have to applaude the fact that even though I couldn't possibly care less about any sport, don't know any of the teams even in my country, imagine then my knowledge about the DC's ones, but still find these post interesting. So yeah, complaing *is* fun.