Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I thought it could do everything!

So I have my interview tonight, and I'm doing the required STRESSING THE FUCK OUT over it. I should prepare some responses to anticipated questions, but instead I think I'm going to wing it and hope my inner awesomeness pulls it out.

Today's already brought one shock. I asked what I needed to do to prepare and the replace was simple: Give him my skype information and all would be fine! My...what? I'm not on Skype! I have an iPhone! I want to call in and use my iPhone to be jerky and/or cool! This whole Skype thing passed me right by.

So now I have to learn Skype before I embarrass myself further tonight. Blah. I hate learning new things!!!!


Al S. Romero said...

I know it is tough to keep up with the modern times (in my MP3/Phone, most of my favorite are usually very old songs from 60's through 08'). Skype isn't that hard anyways. However, how am I supposed to know, I never pretty much used before. Anyways, good luck on your interview though.

Danny said...

Remember, using Skype is almost equal to having free phone calls (you can even call normal phones in Iceland with greatly reduced rates)and did you know that they have an iphone app for it as well, that way you can save money and be cool wherever there's the internet. I remember sending a telegraph when I was a young lad, fun times.