Thursday, September 10, 2009

Untapped rivalries

I've spent so long playing the us vs them game, that I've only touched upon the underlying personal rivalries. This is a consequence of me still being in introductory mode, and my world building like a mofo.

I can simply state that Autumn hates Max, but that's lazy and cheap. I need to show why, and I need to do it MORE THAN ONCE A YEAR. Hey, when you have a universe as complex as mine, it takes a while to get back to these things! As I've whined about this before, nothing in the future is dependent on this (one sided) rivalry being known or not known, nor do the Bud-Dionne, Jacob-Suzette rivalries have much importance for now. Still, I want to be able to tap that resource should I desire it. Looks like I have to up my storytelling skills!


Al S. Romero said...

Good Luck Chris, you should do well. Try to make a story in which Max takes Autumn's parade from her and she gets really pissed and try to do something bad to him (torture, outsmart, beat him in sports, anything that is possible). Even better, make Max out of his character and become the WOLF HULK (if you want to).

Christopher J Paulsen said...

I do already have something sorta like that ready to go... just not for this *next* week. The thunder-stealing thing, not the hulk thing. No Max hulking, although he does freak out a bit...

Danny said...

ll, the more the merrier, and anyways, there aren't that many characters, and they're easy to distinguish (now I went to watch The House of Bernarda Alba, there weren't many characters but they were really easy to get mixed up (at least some of the daughters).

If you want to simply state it that's cool, though a bit of a reason behind it is probably the funner way to go, a mathematical model gone wrong or something.

Now a word on your interview, hope you had fun with it, and my name is pronounced so that Daniel rhymes with Distelle (a bit like Danielle Distelle, but being a man, that would sound really strange in France), not that I care.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Oooh, sorry about screwing up the name. I was mortified when I realized I didn't have the pronunciation. (Hence my subsequent bumbling around with that question.) Hope I still praised you suitably.

Can't believe you made it through that interview. I'm not even linking to it on the strip's homepage because there's so much garbage to get through before you reach anything from me. Don't take that as a slight, considering that means less get to hear me sing your praises, but I'm not comfortable attaching my name to something I don't find to be of quality overall.

I think I'm good with the rivalry thing - as it would only affect one throwaway strip anyway. These little things are just what creators freak out about.