Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stolen pen therapy

Today was yet another visit to the dentist - I go back AGAIN next week! - in my long progression of fixing my awful mouth. This time a second shot of Novocain (or a similar drug) was needed to keep me from screaming. I react oddly to that stuff. Now I get to wait and see what happens to me. Will I pass out? I hope not. Novocain's given me a case of the snoozes before, but I'm seeing a friend later so that would be inconvenient. Will it fade soon? That second shot means I could have a mush-mouthed dinner. (As or now, my mouth is a dribble glass!) What if it does fade? So far, I haven't taken these drillings well in the pain department. I guess I've become a dental wuss.

The shining light of this whole crusade is the spiffy pens I keep swiping! This time I was a POLITE thief. I told the receptionist I was taking the pen. "Oh... ok." Score! That's three in my collection now! Hey, I think losing a $2 pen after I paid my more-than-$2 bill is a worthwhile trade-off for them.

Using a pen to sketch is akin to doing a crossword puzzle in ink - there are no takebacks! I can't draw my guidelines and circles - I have to nail the sketch on the first try. This is good practice for me, should I ever make it onto the convention scene. Pencil sketches fade away, but ink sketches last! If I can improve my ink drawing, then I can con with increased confidence! It's also plain-old fun to mess around with a quality drawing instrument. I'm a cheapskate, so these high class $2 pens are normally beyond my spending. (It's not like I have a job, here. Money is precious!)

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