Monday, September 7, 2009

I need a new grill

To commemorate the holiday I totally did not remember was going on - as an unemployable person, things like holidays and weekends lose all meaning - I had a little "death of summer" cookout. I consider it a last hurrah for a grill that's done all it could for us.

If this grill was a dog, it would be put down. At this point, it's just a mess. The igniter is busted, so we have to use matches. The gas thingy is stuck open, so we have to shut off the propane at the tank.) The handle broke off, so it has to be opened and closed with an open mitt. The grill area is rusted from my idiot brother leaving it outside in the elements for some goddamn reason. It's old. It's busted. It barely works. It's dead, Jim.

We're going to replace it soon, once the end-of-season sales kick in, and I look forward to that day. This is a house that does get its grill on when the option is available. Sure, now that grilling has become a stupid Rube Goldberg-ish endeavor, we've cut down - but we're just waiting for the new hotness! (Of course, said idiot brother can't be allowed near it. He is why we can't have nice things.)


Al S. Romero said...

Why get a propane grill, when you can get a charcoal grill. There are more better, no need to use propane (duh), no need fixing, and not much to worry about (unless you're an environmentalist or just don't like the smell of charcoal). It even, get better taste on the food, especially meat. So, ignore all of the propane and propane accessories, and get an easy charcoal grill.

Anonymous said...

We use propane primarily since the furnace is propane fired. When we rebuilt our courtyard, we extended the wall out and added a permanent propane fired grill. The grill is removable from the seat and is connected via a 100+ foot buried line to the main propane tank. Another line runs up to the front of the house where the fire pit is located.

That said, we also have wood burning fireplaces in the casita and the office-the main fireplace and master bedroom fireplace are piped for gas.

Al S. Romero said...

Quick note, I am not stupid for typing dumb sentences (although not many people notice), I just make a whole mess of typos and I don't recheck my work. Damn, I do need AP English, or just focus on my writing/typing.