Saturday, September 19, 2009

Return of the schoolgirl

It's been a while since I put Autumn in her standard schoolgirl outfit, and the reason is quite simple: I'm horrendously lazy. It takes a few extra precious seconds to draw things such as collars, sleeves and skirts! Tank tops and slacks are just so easy!

Now that the kids are back in school, I have no excuse to lazily dress Autumn. It's time to suck up and stop cutting corners. Sadly, when you do a daily, corner-cutting becomes a way of life. It would have been fairly easy this week to cut corners, as Autumn spends most of it sitting at her desk - but I was good! (Autumn's outfit *does* get a feature in tomorrow's Sunday strip.)

Things like Autumn's outfit are easy to lose when dealing with a strip as complex as Precocious. It always irks me when I sit back and realize someone or something got left out in recent weeks. Jacob once disappeared for three weeks! Autumn faded for two during a story. Currently, Bud - THE CENTRAL CHARACTER - is the one suffering from airtime deficiency. I know it's the natural ebb and flow of such things - recent and upcoming strips both deliberately focus on the supporting cast - but it's my job to keep everything juggled. As soon as I lose control, the strip becomes a mess!

Bud, like the schoolgirl outfit, will make a comeback in time, but it might take a month to give him proper attention. Usually I use Sundays to make up for any missed characters, but this time...

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Al S. Romero said...

True, I have noticed a little of the main characters (except Tiffany), but hey, when you have plots to make, sometimes we forget about the main character(s). Anyways, the recent comics are still funny. Also, I am advancing a bit on most of my drawings!