Friday, September 18, 2009


Oh, Quincy, you are fun to use because you have no shame about enjoying your passions. Meanwhile, I whip myself and wear a hairshirt every time I play Pokemon. (My favorite part: The breeding! *hangs head*)

Here are some sketches I did for the next Copper Road strip. How much dorky dress-up can I fit in? I came up short in anime cosplaying. I don't know what's popular and well-known in anime circles anymore. Heck, I don't know what's going on anywhere with these kids these days. I'm old and useless! *sob*


Tex said...

I say just throw all of your embarrassing geek references on him. If people don't get them, he will look weirdly dressed for no reason, and that's pretty much the point anyway.
And I don't think kids know what's going on with them, either. Depends on the concept of "kid". *Wondering whether I am old and useless too*

Al S. Romero said...

Yay to Pokemon, I have the games from the GBC, GBA, and DS. Anyways, do to the fact that in my school there are many people who are anime/manga fans, I really don't care much about that stuff. I find it a bit boring and confusing

Christopher J Paulsen said...

I did the anime thing a bit during college (before I learned to do WORK in college) but it's been about five years since I kept track of anything. No use trying to get back into it, as I spend all my DVD time with my head down drawing. Anything subtitled is out. No passion for it anymore anyway.

If I do go anime, I think I'll do Quincy as Lina Inverse casting dragon slave. (Slayers is still popular, right?) Of course, that means drawing ANOTHER page for Copper Road, so it may get cut for time anyway.