Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last-minute epiphanies

I'm a strange place with the current Precocious storyline. I know where it's going, but I also have MANY paths I can take to get there. There *was* a plan for this week, but I am having second thoughts about it. Originally the school rebellion was going to be cut short in the main strip, with the Copper Roads filling in the gaps. It was then pointed out to me that doing so would only work for THIS week, then the chaos is lost to time. That's no good! Maybe I should move the rebellion back into the main plot.

That, of course, complicates everything. First of all, I NO LONGER HAVE A COPPER ROAD to post! This kinda sucks, as it's already overdue. Second, I have to reorganize the scripts to fit everything together so the Sunday falls on Sunday. Third, I need to think up, script and produce the strips... tomorrow. Damn, I wish I had thought of this change earlier. It's going to be tough for me to make my deadlines, but I'll try.

Oh yeah, and I have to do this WHILE TRAVELING! I've been called into DC, where it's really hard to make comics, AND I have the pressure of working day to day on what might turn out to be a bunch of double strips! Awesome! This is gonna suck! At least the strips should be great.

So in the end, we're gonna lose a Copper Road - but gain a bonus week of Precocious! That's a trade-off worth making, right?

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Al S. Romero said...

Well if you can balance all of that then good luck. Copper Road can wait, now worry the main structure.