Thursday, September 24, 2009

There's no time for swirly colors!

I have a comic to do, dammit! Oh, whatevs. THE ARTIST'S SOUL MUST BE SATISFIED!

I tried a new trick with this painting: I turned to twitter for inspiration! Twitter IGNORED MY PLEAS! Go to hell, everyone on twitter! New painting idea: Everyone on Twitter sucks! I'm all alone in a vast uncaring universe because people are too infatuated with themselves to lend a hand! Wait, that's stupid and cliche. New new painting idea: I'm paranoid and whiny because I don't get enough attention. All I can do is thrive on my own and make everyone else look the fool for not acknowledging my supremely obvious awesomeness! Vengeance shall be mine!

Well. vengeance shall be mine in a bit. A good friend is coming to visit this weekend and that means I need to get the comic far enough ahead that I don't have to worry about it. That means I have to get my Sunday strip knocked out TODAY. Ack! At least it should be relatively simple. It's only three panels! Bonus: It contains a joke I've been trying to fit in for over a year! Yay!


Al S. Romero said...

Well, you can't always expect an immediate answer on Twitter. I mean, some people have jobs to be, they are out of town, or are at school. Anyways, for suggestions, you can probably draw something vague like clouds or a field. I don't know much, probably a drawing of someplace, or a sadistic painting.

Danny said...

Try drawing an orchestra! (just kidding). If you want to paint though, I once went to Tibet and photographed the loveliest lake, that was so clear that the mountains behind it reflected off of it perfectly, I'll send you a photo of it if you want, maybe it will give you some inspiration.