Monday, December 1, 2008

Trapped in Limbo

With the change of schedule, my convenient return home for a dentist appointment became not so much convenient. With the crappy weather and a worried mother, I am not in Winchester for tonight only. With my aunt scheduling several appointments in Delaware *next* because she wasn't aware my schedule had changed to allow her to go up there *this* week, I'll likely be in DC until... hell if I know.

Just to add to the cheer, I got home to find my mother's laptop all wonky and in need of fixing. After punching in a few times, it rebooted a few times and that seemed to do it. Yay! Then I moved to my computer to burn some CDs for my aunt, thinking I was heading home tonight. My computer decided to crash instead. Instead of restarting, Microsoft thought that would be the perfect time for an update! (Or, more likely, this is why computer crashed in the first place.) It has been flashing, "Installing update 1 of 1, do not reset or pull the plug!" for about four hours now. I'm sure rebooting mid-update can only have good outcomes. Hey, at least I got the other computer working!

So now I am in Winchester, while my working computer and art supplies are in DC. What the heck do I do to justify a blog post?


First I capped the sketches I did here, but I can't do any Photoshopping as that program is being held hostage by Microsoft. With the ART out of the way, the only thing I could do was make funny face. It just had to be done.

Ok, I may be pale as a ghost - yet my scary factor leaves much to be desired.


Check out the BREEZY look! There should be a beach scene behind me.

Uh... I just wanted to see what capping did if I wiggled my fingers.

Just what am I doing to this cat?

Hey, it was either stupid pictures of me or ANOTHER LONG ESSAY! What would you have preferred?

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