Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Parting with such sweet sorrows

I suppose I can call this latest completed sketchbook the stress book. A heaping bowl of crazy was poured onto these pages. With hope, none of it shows. I want stress to embolden me and reinforce my desire for success, not make me draw sad character over and over.

This sketchbook took a little over two months to complete, which is a good pace for me. One-month books mean I'm spending all my time sketching and not being productive. Three-month books may indicate I am not working hard enough. Two is just right. (I do hope to become a three-monther when I grow more productive.)

First up is the typical one actual art sketch. I believe the night I sat down and did this sketch I had a specific goal in mind for drawing. This was definitely not the goal. Oh well.

Before I did the color Bette sketches, I had played with her in the sketchbook. The first colored pencil was based off of one of these sketches. The right sketch is me starting to think about the panel in which she delvers her first line. It's a good sign that I feel I'm that close to getting the comic officially launched that I am starting to think about panel treatments.

In every sketchbook, sometimes you draw a character but the sketch doesn't fit in the current post. These are the best-of almost-posted sketches of the post-Thanksgiving drawing session.

These three were tinier sketches I thought I could salvage. The Jacob and Autumn were rejects from the "awkward moments" post sketch. Tiffany was a few pages before, which explains why her treatment is noticeably different.

I had more sketches I thought I could share, but I tossed all those that would not fit in a group shot. That's the dedication I have to you all. Oh well! This sketchbook is now officially at rest and I'm on to the next one!

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