Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A New Year's Resolution

As of posting, I have strips 38-50 sketched, lettered and ready for inking. 12 strips to go before sweet resolution! (See the wordplay? SEE IT!?) If I work my butt off today and tomorrow, I could be done by Christmas. That would give me enough time to ink, scan and upload by January 1st!

Finisingh this quixotic project will be a great relief. In my recent history, victories have been hard to come by. If I get one, the plan is to get another and another and another. It's time for some damn momentum!

Today the last Ozy and Millie strip was published. I really wanted to be up and running before it happened, as I had the delusion of picking up its legacy. All of the strips that influenced me are retired or semi-retired. Something needs to fill the void! I may be raw and rough now, but I've got great crossover potential, dammit!

It'll take a lot to get this accomplished, but maybe that last strip will be what I need. As DC Simpson dragged out finishing his comic, so did I. Now I've got to scramble to finish while the window is open. I know it sounds odd for me to hinge so much on another cartoonist, but this is a person who can shut me down before I start if there's a perceived rip-off. This is a blessing I need, both both practical reasons and because Simpson is my cartooning hero!

Anyway, I took a break from drawing because the next few strips are really hard to draw. I must purge my worry (yay, blogging) and renew my concentration. This is why people don't like artists. I give a flowery and pretentious statement when a normal person would just say, "I'm going on break."

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