Monday, December 22, 2008

All the old showstoppers

Without any coherent idea in my head or theme in my sketchbook, I am going to do an early sketchbook leftovers post. It's not like I can work on a comic. (A cat is sleeping where I need to sit!) I have lots of nice sketches, so it works. In order to match them up, extensive Photoshopping was needed, but whatevs. The post title is a New Pornographers song. I've been listening to them and it seemed appropriate enough.

This adorable curtsy isn't that great of a sketch (where is the tail attached?) but I thought it funny enough to share. In related news, I seriously need to learn how to draw a curtsy, because I clearly have no sense of mid-pose skirt dynamics.

Obviously, these are three sketches from three different times. Jacob has been scrunched to fit. Dionne's sketch isn't even finished. Really, I just wanted to share Suzette (sans-collar for some reason) and needed some extra sketches to justify it.

As mentioned before, I had a failed attempt to draw the parents at a party. Just because, I scanned Sydney and Sky anyway. Maybe I should revisit this idea down the road.

It's the MARAUDERS! Max and Roddy! Get it? Meh. I probably should have saved these sketches for a day when I don't have anything else to share. I could write up a decent Max/Roddy analysis. Oh well, I just have to be awesome everyday now...

And here we have nice sketches of the main twosome. Autumn, fittingly, can be very difficult. Her large tail, hair points and big honkin' ears take up a lot of room - which means it's easy to draw her at a different proportion than the rest. Autumn is especially large and in charge because I had to Photoshop a bunch to get the two sketches to match. Bud's original sketch is large, so I had ample room to get the features in. Autumn's was smaller, so she had to be stretched to fit her features. And I still didn't finish her dress. Go me!

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