Friday, December 26, 2008

And the ink shall flow like wine

This is not a repeat sketch! It's an indication of progress! PROGRESS!

After getting home from another Paulsen Holiday, I began the long and painful journey that is inking. When I finally ran out of gas, I had three strips completed, two that need minor tech pen work, two that need MAJOR tech pen work (which takes longer than regular inking) and five that are still in the early stage of inking. And, uh, a dozen untouched strips still in the pile.

The plan for the immediate future is this: For Friday, the main goal is get myself gathered and relax. Inking is priority #3. Saturday I am heading down to DC again. I'll probably be back Tuesday - hopefully with EVERYTHING inked. The goal is to spend the last few days of the year scanning, 'shopping and updating the web page. I hope I can go a week without sleeping...

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