Thursday, December 25, 2008

The hard part is over. Now for the hard part!

Last night I finished sketching the final strips for Precocious' pilot arc. It feels wonderful, but that was only step 2 in production. Now I have to ink these darn things (24 of 'em) and not screw it up. This batch is going to require a lot more detail work as well, so I can't estimate how long inking will take. The goal is still having it ready to go by January 1st. Doing so gives me a nice and neat division between "early work" and "contemporary masterpiece" strips!

Today nothing will get done, as I'm doing ye olde holiday visiting with family. I know I'll be up in DC again this weekend, which *should* give me ample down time to use for inking. Gentlemen, this might work! (FOOL! THAT WILL NEVER WORK!)

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