Friday, December 19, 2008

I did something! REWARD PLEASE.

Our long national nightmare may soon be in order. The final strips of the first arc have been scripted. Drawing can no commence! If I somehow gain superhuman strength, I can have the strip ready to officially launch for the new year! FOUR MONTHS LATE! WOOHOO! The arc will end up 62 strips long, which is frighteningly close to my original goal of 60. If I hadn't added strips 11 and 32 to the script I would have been dead on. (Both are clunky attempts to introduce more aspects of the Precocious world, but I figure it's best to get the clunkers out early when I can get rookie forgiveness.)

Like a jerky boyfriend who just had sex, after this minor triumph, all I want to do is roll over and fall asleep content - totally oblivious that doing someone properly involves satisfying both sides. I can be proud of finally finishing the writing, but without the drawings to go with it the relationship remains unfulfilled.

Tossing that creepy analogy aside like an abused girlfriend's self-esteem, we turn to the sketch! I've been on a roll with sketching this week and I have lots of well-done-if-generic sketches of various characters. Problem is, I'd have to stretch to find a coherent theme needed to justify a post.

Since this post was more of a happy declaration than a sketch analysis, all I wanted to find was a nice companion sketch. At first, I was going with a cheerful and adorable Autumn sketch, but then I found this one of Deirdre. What is often said when someone completes a task? "Good job! You get a cookie." Well, there you go!

This sketch was part of a failed attempt to draw Precocious parents at a dinner party thing. The only one that came out well was a bored Sydney Oven holding a glass of wine. My Sky Et sketches had eye issues and I still can't draw danged Harvey Linkletter right. Deirdre here was also a reject because I felt bad for her. Not only did she get an unflattering outfit (it's her style, but still...) but the sketch was an experiment in drawing her body type. Deidre is more curvy than the rest of the moms, but that's hard to capture at this point. She either ends up with the generic adult share, or I go overboard and chunk her up to Soren levels. Thanks to the miracle of Photoshop, I was able to digitally thin her down at bit. I'm not saying this is her correct size, as it's more of a Lisa Simpson's fish stick thing after Photoshop, but it's good enough. (I don't need to clarify that, do I? Burned on the outside and raw on the inside = balance through extremes.)

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