Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In most comics, no one ages

Ok, so I've been working on the comic these past few days, which means precious few sketches to share and I have to scramble for content. Since I do want to average a post a day, as this is the only forum I feel I have right now, I need to figure out something. The other stuff I've been dealing with is not what I'd prefer to blog about. First, this is primarily an art blog for me to show off and work through my ideas. Second, I try my best not to be *that blogger* with the self-absorbed bullshit. Third, I don't like sharing things unless it's me-centric. Not only is it ego, but I'm not comfortable with discussing loved ones in too much detail. So many fools forget what a public place the internet is.

What you see here is something I fished out of the trash. Today everyone else was out and I was alone to take care of my grandfather, who was up and about more than usual. Since I had my pencil with me, I did a small sketch on a scrap of paper found in the desk drawer to talk about cartooning. It was something quick and lame, so I folded the paper up and tossed it. That's when I saw what the scrap of paper was. You can write the rest of this post yourself, so I'm going to take my leave before fully becoming that blogger.

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