Friday, December 26, 2008

Achy hand update

I'm taking a break from inking in an effort to prevent my hand from falling off. (Drawing = left hand. Photoshopping = right.) What you see above is one of the panels that needed lots of tech pen action. Each little dot adds up to a long time spent stippling - and this was the "easy" panel to stipple in this particular strip. How do cartoonists do all those backgrounds? Oh, right, they're PAID to do it full time.

Here's the production tally as of posting:
- 9 strips completed
- 4 strips still needing minor tech pen work
- 11 strips still in very early stages

It looks good for now, but I should note that, the above-pictured strip aside, I am saving all the complicated strips until the end. It's always nice when the last few miles of a marathon are uphill!

Edit: Going against common sense, I decided to start working again. Ow. Fucking ow. I finished the four that needed minor pen attention. Then I decided to work on the strip that required all tech pen work. That was a dumb thing to do. Even with my wrist growing a mouth so it could yell, "HEY, STOP DOING THAT!" I fought through the pain and finished the damn thing. If I touch one more pen tonight, I may have to start going by "Righty" from now on.

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Sam said...

Ahh, you're left-handed too?