Thursday, October 2, 2008

Such commitment I have to my public

Hey, Dana! Whaddup?

So there's an option on this thing to set a post date and time. Since I'll be out of town without the internet, how can I meet my goal of one worthless post per day(-ish)? Let's see if this feature is purely cosmetic or not!

The sketches I'm sharing are for an idea for a Halloween strip, in which the kids swap their trademark looks. The best Halloween costumes are so in-jokey that those not in the know think you are either a fool or are not costumed at all!

Up first is the boys trading off. Who would think the swapping of hair styles would cause such massive cognitive dissonance. Bud's hair spiked and Jacob's part is just... unnatural!

Not pictured: The paintbrush my blank canvas characters used to paint my spotted/blotched/freckled characters' conspicuous traits.

Time to hit the "publish post" button and see when this thing appears. It it pops up tonight... eh, fuck it.

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