Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Headbanger's bawl


Wondering why I didn't get a post in yesterday? *THONK* *THONK* Maybe it has something to do with *BAM* *BAM* our ridiculous construction project shifting to the room ABOVE MY STUDIO! *WHIRRRRRRRR* It's amazing how one's concentration is shattered when one's environment *WHANG* *WHANG* *WHANG* is fulled with constant hammering and power tool usage. *BRRRRRRUNKUNKUNK* As I type this, three different people are hammering above my head - all at different rhythms. *KLONG* INSPIRATIONAL!


I wasn't completely unproductive, at least. Several paintings got some tweaks, but none were altered enough to merit a posting. I also did a buttload of work on my Maquette outline - which is great for my soul, if worthless on an art blog.


I am enduring this without medical assistance as well, having run out of ibuprofen a few weeks back. I can't even escape outside, as the sun has entered its fail phase. On that note, the cool weather and ripped-apart house means the upstairs is now filled with bees. They really add to the ambiance.


My fallback of putting on a movie and painting/sketching is also interrupted, since it's hard to listen/concentrate when *BANG* uh *BANG* It's hard to *BANG* to do *BANG* to uh *BANG* *BANG* concen- *BANG* con- *BANG* to *BANG*

Oh, fuck it.

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