Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back to the grind...

I'm home! Just in time to finish off another sketchbook. Even with the lack of art production in DC, this thing was completed far too fast. The more I work in a sketchbook, the less I work on things that need to be done. Ahh, such a bright future I see!

Here is the standard collection of sketches that didn't fit on other posts. First is one of the few non-profile Buds that were even half-decent. It's the same ol' consequence: Once I get a decent handle on a character, I move my focus to others. Then, when I go *back* to the character I DRAW THE MOST, suddenly I have to remember where the friggin' ears go!

The Max is a sketch I referenced in the Boys Wanna Fight post. It was too good to fit the crappy sketches, so it was replaced. Such is the story of my life. *sob*

Autumn is why my Bud drawings are sucking now! I lost confidence in drawing her, so she filled up my sketchbook! Bud went into the corner with Chinatown and Ruby Tuesdays. This sketch is my favorite (complete) one that didn't get posted yet. (I think...)

As everyone knows, my action drawing is rather sub-par. This was my attempt to better myself. As everyone can see, it is rather sub-par.

As mentioned in my Et kids post, Frida was too tiny for all her features. (Or I'm just incompetent.) To play around, I decided to do a Frida as Tiffany-sized, or Tiffany in a Frida costume. Whatever.

This was the final non-crap sketch of the sketchbook, so let's go out on that. Woohoo!

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