Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Those troublesome gingers

I missed a day. I have no good excuse. Was I working too much to touch the computer? No. I was abusing the Wii's virtual console. Secret of Mana is the one game I wanted to pick up as soon it was available - I've coveted it ever since I had a Nintendo Power subscription while owning a woeful Sega Genesis - and this week it appeared. What kind of man would I be if I didn't follow my dreams?

Anyway, here's the Annelise painting as it stands. Like Moreh, the "shirt" is just a block of color for now. I think I'll tackle that last. The hair and knife are going to be far more fun. (By the way, the knife will be bigger in the end, but it's still of the tiny and decorative variety.) The hands, although not fun at all, are also vital. If I rock them, no one will care if I cut all corners possible with the top!

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