Saturday, October 4, 2008

Last day of filler posts!*

#3 of the character Halloween costume swaps! This time: Dionne and Suzette!

You know what, Dionne looks rather awesome mocking Suzette. Conclusion: Overalls are always cute?

Suzette, on the other hand, looks like something out of an ironic horror movie. There wasn't much to work with, but I tried. Yes, Dionne's standard outfit has slacks instead of a dress. I figured Dionne does wear dresses on and off, while Suzette would never wear one. The out-of-character factor won me over. For now. This may change. It's likely I will abandon this middle ground look and go for the standard heart shirt look or go full pageant garb.

Anyway, I should be home later today*, so if anyone wants to hang out and hear me whine for a while...

*My laptop found an unsecured network in the neighborhood! This allows me to edit this currently-upcoming post to say I may be staying in DC past Saturday. Earlier, I mentioned I had enough clothes to last me until Saturday. The reply I got was, "We can do some laundry." I may never leave! (Not that it's a bad thing...but I only had three days of posts stored!) Maybe I can find another unsecured network on Sunday, log in and...uh...describe** my sketches and (potential) paintings. Whee!

**To edit my edited post before it appears, I'll point you to the post below as a reminder that I can indeed post images while in DC. A post for Sunday is all queued up and powered by webcam adequacy. Don't worry - I didn't do a video. I *totally* would have, but no way I am trying to upload a file that big over this weak of a signal.

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