Sunday, October 5, 2008

Webcam Supervillains

Ok, so it's not quite a scanner, but I can still capture the bigger drawings in recognizable fashion. That's all I need, baby.

Following the lead of Doctor Oven, here are the other two initial sketches for Autumn and Tiffany's villain identities.

Autumn is... The Scarlet A! Originally, I wanted to turn her mask into an A-shape, but that did not prove feasible when dealing with big cartoon eyes. I also stuck an A on her forehead at first, but decided the "joke" behind two A's appearing on her outfit even though her name implies "The...A" was far too weak. Overall, the joke with this outfit is Autumn's woeful naming ability. Not only does her identity unintentionally label her as an adulterer, but she also named the "Super Villain Union" - or SVU. There's not another well-known SVU, is there? (Something about victims?) Visually, I'm not sure what sort of pizazz to add to her outfit. I was tempted to put her in a catsuit look that all evil chick villains seem to get, but that is for foxy ladies...not fox girls.

Tiffany, the Chaotic Butterfly, has once again confused "evil" with "adorable" - something I tend to do, myself. Originally she was going to have tiny unambitious wings - but, like bows on Dionne's pageant outfit, they would not be visible from standard comic angles.

Do you see the mistake in this drawing? I'll wait while you guess. Or read ahead to the next sentence. Yes, Tiffany is too tall! This is a mistake I do a lot. See, Autumn's dress ends at her knees; so I grow accustomed to drawing girl legs from the knee down. Tiffany's dress goes *beyond* the knees. If I'm not paying attention, I just do the Autumn treatment for Tiffany and give her a second pair of kneecaps. I mean, the girl's an oddball, but it's more brain wiring than Tick-level villainous genetic absurdity. Tiffany's tendency to have her tail wrapped in front of her legs only makes things worse, as I want to leave enough space to keep the legs and feet well defined. Why do all my little touches in characterization undermine my drawing ability?

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