Monday, October 6, 2008

Unrestrained creativity

"I don't get it. Why are you so upset? Is there something wrong?"

Unfocused art is such a dangerous thing. To fit my whimsy, I brought all sorts of art supplies to DC. The hope is if I stall somewhere, something else fun can happen.

What *should* be happening... Little did I know, but my sketchbook was almost complete. It should have been done by now. Instead, sketching has been minimal because I can't find a good place to sit and draw. (Sitting at the computer is the worst thing for my back, yet here I am!) I should be sketching out more comics, but the lack of a proper drawing area tossed that out the window. I brought Bristol board for drawing, but... Oh, you get it. What's left? PAINTING! I started two new paintings. Lord, do they suck! I'll have to paint over them. Well, crud.

So what do I do? Watch a bunch of sports I don't care about and abuse the fuck out of some poor sap's wi-fi. Go me! OK, so I am here to help out and not here to enjoy a private art vacation. I could cover it all if I was more awesome, though!

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