Friday, October 3, 2008

You can't handle the hotness!

If the video was not clear: I am wondering if the video I am trying to post is working. Is it working? IS IT WORK-

GODDAMMIT, webcam! Or unreliable hijacked internet connection. Or blogger. Or me. Whatever. Fail all around.

Anyway, I remembered I have a webcam on my laptop. What's more obnoxious than a blog? A VLOG! Total douche: Blogging with vlogs! (Or, I can try to take grainy still shots...)

Oh, I am *so* going to do a self-important video about my sketchbook in badly out of sync audio now. It's why my friends invite me to parties with their other friends. MY PERSONALITY IS ADORABLE!

One bonus: My voice doesn't sound nearly as annoying on video as it does in my head.

Two bonus: Here's an ultra-sexy and not-at-all-psychotic still taken from the webcam:

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