Sunday, December 9, 2012

Two worthy projects!

You may have seen the banners on this site already, but did you know *I* put them there? Both of these projects are dear to me, and I'd love to see them succeed! One is for comic lovers. One is for art lovers. All will enrich your lives! Click each banner to visit the funding page. (Then fund them!)

The Precocious kids read and love Newshounds, and you should too! (If you don't help out, you risk their wrath.) This is a comic that I adored and studied when I first started on my cartooning path, so it's dear to me. It's been going online for 15 years, and the time has come for Newshounds to end.  Thomas K. Dye, the creator, wants to give his comic a proper send-off and bring his story to a close on his terms.  In order to do that, he needs your support. The final book, fourth in the current series, must happen! Read over his Indiegogo funding page to learn more and see the special bonus options.

Heidi Black is one of the amazing artists I met during my time at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She's a recent grad of the top sequential art program in the country, and one of the most skilled, talented and versatile artists I know. She has professional experience, webcomic experience and knows more art tricks that just about anyone... and she's sharing it with you! Artists, this book is a MUST-HAVE. It's not only a beautiful art book, but a collection of tutorials to help level up anyone's art skills.  Non-artists, she is offering her version of a swag bag as a donation level for those not in the market for a tutorial book - support a good project and get some mini comics, a poster and some charms! Several other tiers of rewards are available to supporters, so check it out! ONLY A WEEK LEFT TO FUND THIS ONE!

Thanks for reading my pleas, everyone. I want these projects to succeed, and a perk of being a creator is that I can signal boost!

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