Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Autumn card sketches

Since the card piece below took up nearly all the stream last night (which, it was supposed to, as it is big and complex) there was no chance to work on the back-up card.  Yes, I was prepared in case the client had to run and wanted me to halt production while he was gone.  These were the sketches I had for that card.

1 - Horizontal card with Autumn stretched out reading, like in the recent comic. The background would likely be unobtrusive, with her leaning against a wall or something.  (The dunk tank colors would look silly out of context.)

2- Autumn with a refreshing beverage, inspired by this comic. Likely a vertical card, but I'd have to get clever with the background.

3- Winter outfit Autumn with hot cocoa!  I stole this pose from a Roddy sketch! Could be indoor or outdoor, depending on background request.

4 - Winter Autumn playing in deep snow. The deep snow allows for me to show more figure without having the awkwardness of chopping off the feet.

5 - Happy winter Autumn, maybe as snow starts falling around her. I'd have to straighten her up slightly to fit properly on the card, cute as that lean is.

6 - Sitting Autumn looking concerned. The orientation of this card would depend on how the background is handled. Is there something causing that concern? What's happening in this scene?

An Autumn card could be drawn as early as Saturday's stream - although I already promised to start that one with a Kaitlyn - since it was a request *and* I owe someone a Kaitlyn. Saturday will likely go Kaitlyn card, Copper Road, then one more card, depending on who's around.

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Iron Ed said...

Not that it matters; but, I like A1 and A3 best. :-)