Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thursday art card streaming!

Thursday, December 13th, 7pm-midnight(ish) Eastern time - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-sycophant

As long as you guys keep showing up, I will keep this streaming going! Bonus: I might be able to do this one on minimal painkillers! (Might.) I only have one art card commission lined up so far - Winter Autumn holding a cup of cocoa - so who else wants to grab a card slot? Only $10!  By the way, all cards pictured up there currently don't have homes - anyone want to adopt them? (There's also one more Suzette - guess no one loves her.) Update: Vincent hanging his stocking, Max Bond, Saxy Ursula and the Suzette card that *isn't* in this picture were claimed.

While this stream won't have an art card giveaway - those who were there know why, and those who weren't will learn why in the next stream announcement - I might still be embracing the spirit of Chrispmas and drawing some gift art. If you guys are OK with it - and if I have the pencils ready in time (a big if) - I'm thinking of using the stream time to draw gift art for other webcartoonists. With the tooth thing, the buffer I thought I'd have by now isn't here, so I want to use my time efficiently. I love streaming, and I love talking to all who come, so I hope you will indulge me - and maybe find a cool new webcomic to read in the process! Alternately, you can buy up my time slots and get alllll the attention. That's fine too!

I'll draw at least two cards over the stream - the commission one whenever the client's around to see, and another one based on chat suggestions. After that, we'll see what happens as the week unfolds. (If I write/prep a Copper Road in time, I could even do that!)

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