Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Copper Road! 12/8/12

First off, thanks to everyone who showed for today's stream! It was a blast, and I hope you were entertained by watching me draw the art cards and finish off this Copper Road! Also, congrats to JDS for being the lucky winner of the art card giveaway! This is the season of giving, so more free art chances will be happening! Watch the front page for details!

As for the comic, Ursula's entering a new danger zone. Of course, with Ursula, just about everything is dangerous to her - but this especially! Vote here to see the new comic!


Iron Ed said...

Thanks, Chrispy; it was way fun!

Anyone who didn't show up... YOU'RE MISSING OUT!!

Unolup said...

Actually, from what we know of her parents, I'm a little surprised that last channel is unfamiliar to Ursula.