Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chrispmas Giveaway #3

Hello, folks! Are we all recovered from the fun? Wanna blow off some excess energy? Let's do silly things. Together. It's how we bond.

Today is another drawn-while-sick comic, so please enjoy it the best you can and distract yourselves with silliness otherwise. (The progression is kinda interesting. Too pained to think, I broke many comic laws in Tuesday's art, was shaky for Wednesday, started to pull it together as the pills kicked in for Thursday and I'm back to regular skill for Friday and Saturday.)

Anyway, it's contest time again. Since Monday was fully nuts, let's do that stuff again! This time, the goal is to mention a FRUIT in today's comment section! You can be clever (but don't be tried-too-hard clever) or you could simply post "apple" and run away. All fruity posters go on the list! (One entry per person, so listing every fruit ever won't help you.)

But, wait, there's more! I'm using a random number generator to pick out a number between 1 and 1389 (the amount of Precocious updates in the archive) - and a *second* prize is available to the one who guesses closest. All you need to do is add a number to your post. Don't be *too* clever here, as it must be clear to me what your guess is. This is also one entry per person, so if you're chatting in the comments don't toss out extra numbers and confuse me! If there's a tie between two people, the one who posted earliest wins.

If someone hits the number exactly, they win and the contest resets with a new number and a new, smaller prize. (Probably a magnet set.)

As always, there needs to be an email attached to your post so I can contact you if you win. Contest runs from when the comic appears to when the next update happens.

Good luck, folks! Thank you for having fun with me!

Here's your winners list so far:

Monday#1 - Jess
Monday#2 - Emi
Tuesday - Unolup

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