Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chrispmas Week Giveaways!

My original plan of streaming art gifts for holiday orphans had to be scrapped due to my continued illness - I am feeling better, but not enough to risk it - but we can still get some holiday cheer in! Keep watch over over this space, as there will be a new giveaway announced every weekday. Up for grabs are artist trading cards, watercolors, original line art, pins and some portfolio pieces.

You'll be given a little task to do each day, such as posting a key word in the comments or sharing a comic on Twitter.  All those who participate are entered into that day's drawing. The winner gets to pick their prize from the available stock!

The posts will go up around midnight, with instructions on what to do, so keep an eye out. After a day's winner is determined, I'll update the front page post and message the lucky person.

Yeah, it's a little more work and less fancy art time, but it's free stuff and that's still pretty cool. I hope to be streaming again next week!

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