Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chrispmas Giveaway #5!

Last contest of the week! And this one's for me! I spend far too much of my time on Twitter, either catching up with cartoonists or doing drive-by tweeting while working - and this contest is for you other folks who have been sucked in!

There are share buttons on  today's comic page, and let's use them! Friday's comic is good and THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW!  Use the Twitter button to share your love, and you're entered into the drawing for free art!  While you can certainly use any of the share buttons, I'm focusing on Twitter because doing so includes a @chrispco mention - so I can *see* who shared. I can't do that on the other sites. When the day is over and Saturday's comic is up, I will look over my mentions and randomly choose the winner!

(You should still keep sharing, though. Use those icons if you like the current comic, and help bring new readers into the fold!)

Monday#1 - Jess
Monday#2 - Emi
Tuesday - Unolup
Wednesday #1 - X-Strike
Wednesday #2 - Alexk
Thursday #1 (giving) - Brighttail
Thursday #2 (receiving) - MacareuxMoine

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