Monday, December 24, 2012

The Giveaways!

So what are we fighting for? This stuff! Below you will see what the art contest winners can select from. Up first are the Precocious goodies! (Crossed out means someone has claimed them.)

Up for grabs:
-Watercolors. Yvette or Tiffany .
-Artist trading cards. Choose from Autumn, Jacob, Bud, Tiffany, Suzette and Roddy
-The original art for the "We are Quietly Judging You" design.
-A set of 10 Precocious pins!
-A set of Precocious magnets

Also available is some of my con portfolio art:
-Watercolors. Calico Cat, Dapper Owl or Happy Squirrel
-Colored pencil. Bridesmaid Lemur or Pizza Boy Dalmation
-Copic marker. Protest Poodle, Phoenix or Jaguar Dude.

Winners and claimed pieces:

Monday winner #1: Jess - We are Quietly Judging You art
Monday winner #2: Emi - (waiting for reply)
Tuesday winner: Unolup - Jacob card
Wednesday winner #1: X-Strike - Tiffany watercolor
Wednesday winner #2: Alexk - Bud card
Thursday winner (giver): Brighttail - MYSTERY GIFT
Thursday winner (receiving):  MacareuxMoine - Yvette watercolor
Friday winner: @ShivaeStudios - Bridesmaid Lemur, gifted to @RutilusFidael

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