Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tuesday Commission Streaming!

Let's do this again! Last time, the client behind the above art had to call in sick. This time the big card game art *will* be completed! That will start around 8pm. We'll start at 7pm with an art card commission, and we'll toss in more art cards, if there's time.

I'll be drawing and coloring all evening, so stop by whenever you can and say hello! I'm up for chatting and doing Q&A while I color! You don't need an account to chat, but you do if you'd like a fancy username. I hope to have new faces check in every time! Let's build up this community!

The UStream page is here:

The next commission stream will likely happen Thursday, December 13th.  There may be a special stream for in-chat requests or Copper Road drawing on Saturday, December 8th as well - depending on how my schedule works out.

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