Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hours in the day

I wanted to have a Mothers Day card update here for you, but instead you get to hear about me making more Precocious. Uh, sorry?

I've been playing a losing game of sleep math, and eventually the remainder was going to get me. Oh, sleep, how I hate that I need you. I am no longer young, and daddy needs proper sleep or he goes bye bye in the head. Today, instead of more drawing of Sky cooking, I wonked out for a few hours. I've gotta get back to the card thing very soon - like tomorrow - and straighten a lot of stuff out with it, but today is for Precocious.

I'm trying to build up a buffer to cover my trip to DC for my grandmother's birthday so that means work work work. Fortunately, scripting has been going well. I have two weeks ready to be produced, and lots of potential for a third, so produce I shall! I'll feel a lot freer to do the card stuff if I can get a week of strips inked tonight. It's amazing how better one functions with the security of a comic buffer! Working day to day is far too much stress!

What's fun is that we're coming to an exciting point with Precocious. This whole group project storyline is finally going to start paying off! Uh, after this next week. We still have one group left to cover before it all goes to heck. :-)

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