Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Buffing up!

Yes, it's "take a picture of the drafting table" time again! While this may not be thrilling to you, it's thrilling to me. Precocious work is going along at a nice pace right now and, should I continue with the momentum, I will build quite a nice comic buffer! Nice for me right now is a week. That's not much, really, but considering recent events that's glorious!

Sigh, how I mourn for the days when I was a full month ahead. Of course, those were days in which I scripted the full storylines AHEAD of production, not by the seat of my pants. With a month of scripts, a month of comics is easy to make. Scripting ahead is a blessing, but I am at the mercy of the muse. Right now, the muse is being kind. I'm scripted two weeks ahead and, lo and behold, I can easily produce those strips. If I was good, I would finish hashing out the next month of strips sometime, but who said I was good? (I'll get to it!)

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Iron Ed said...

And if we look really, really closely we just might get a glimpse of the future! :-)