Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Today has been a struggle against the upcoming Sunday's strip, so much that I nearly forgot about my daily dose of inane blogging!

The reason for my troubles: Vincent. He's a fun guy to draw, but it's never easy to do it. That's fine, as long as it's from the standard angles... but what if a scene requires a shot of Vincent from behind? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE! Oh yeah, and what if this angle is from a distance? Gah! So I have to cop out and find ways around it!

I hope the Sunday comes out ok, with it being clear what is going on... but at moments like these I have my doubts. On the plus side, it's a bonus-sized strip, so there's more awkwardness to LOVE!

Tonight the war begins: Me verses Sunday. It has to go out to the colorist by morning, so this battle must be won! In related news, I have a Red Bull in the fridge. Considering I've had maybe three Red Bulls in my life, it should pack quite a punch if needed.

If the Sunday's ink lines are all shaky... well, now you know why.

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Iron Ed said...

He's fun to look at too!