Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time to be creative again!

Alright, folks. I'm back in Winchester and starting to settle back into the groove. Let's see if I can resume my awesome creativity on a daily basis!

Today is scheduled to be a comic-making day, but I must contribute more to the world! Enter the colored pencils! Yay! Exit my pencil sharpener. Boo! Oh well, I'll make due with whatever's sharp. (I did eventually find the sharpener, but long after the project was over.)

I chose to play with Sky Et today because I needed some practice with her. She makes an appearance in tomorrow's Sunday strip and I struggled a bit to make her look right. Sky will also be featured in a potential commission, so all signs pointed to her!

I went with colored pencils today in part because I'm testing stuff out for commissions. If I move away from the painting stuff, I have to figure out the best means to produce art on paper. This is harder than it sounds. How fast do I work with each medium? How much investment do I have to make in art supplies to work with different methods? (I'm running low on EVERYTHING.) Can I erase my sketch lines on paper after I ink? How many hours would a product take me? I want to be certain I can DO what is asked of me, and make sure the rates match the effort. I gotta be a pro with this stuff, and that means confidence and reliability! That stuff doesn't come out of nowhere. You gotta earn your cred.

Since I'm tangenting onto business planning, what does excite me is pulling out my print gocco machine and creating some small Precocious prints I can sell off to raise some comic supplies funds. As much as I appreciate donations, I do like to give something back. (Assuming the daily comics don't count.) If I was a good boy, I'd devote the next week of bloggery to developing those cards.... but am I?

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Iron Ed said...

Nice! Sky is probably my favorite of the adult females. I'm from a large family and I like the way she deals with hers. She's really kept a nice figure after -5- kids too!