Sunday, March 28, 2010

Curse you, scanner!

So, hey, I have this awesome scanner designed for print stuff. So, hey, this awesome scanner is automatically set to filter out light-colored pencil, leaving only beautiful black lines. So, hey, this causes a problem when I try to scan colored pencil drawings. So, hey, I went with the inefficient webcam instead!

Work continues on the Mothers Day card. Today I did some tracing and worked on the interior image. It let me refine things a bit and gave me a chance to play with coloring. I traced in no-copy blue, inked with a tech pen, erased the no-copy blue the best I could and then cursed a bit as the blue wouldn't always erase nicely! While it's barely noticeable up close, it's enough to make me not want to do it for the final. I may anyway, just because it's far easier to ink with guides, but I'll give ink tracing a shot first.

I only did half of the interior because that was close to looking like I wanted it to right away. The complex family shot will need some reworking to get all the proportions right. With five figures at four or five different heights, a bit of prayer is needed. Good thing I have a nice new sketchbook.

There's a lot of development stuff still to come. I've got to play tracemaster again and again on the front images to make sure they look perfect, and *then* I have to start throwing it all together. Things are progressing nicely, though.


Unknown said...

"Hey! Wake up! That's my gag your stealing!"

Christopher J Paulsen said...

The lines are supposed to indicate Tiffany poking her. It's cartooneese!

Iron Ed said...

Dang. I knew I should've taken that foreign language option in high school... ;-)