Sunday, March 14, 2010

A mother's work is never done

Here's some more sketch work on the Mothers Day card. The goal was to see how many mommy things I could cram into the relatively small space of a card. So far, splitting it into thirds has been the best option. Any more, and the details become hard to draw by hand. I will give the quadrants approach a shot, though.

I'm not very happy with this sketch, but this is how we discover and work out problems! One error I made was drawing Sky too large. The card would be much more effective if the shots were pulled back to show more of the scene, like I did in the bottom panel. The top needs to be pulled back to show a full stove as she cooks for a family of seven. If I do that, hungry Gene probably won't be necessary. The middle panel can work if pulled back slightly to show there's a washing machine there. The scribbly thing is my attempt to hash out where the caption would go. (Without Gene at the top, the caption could take his place.) I think the bottom panel looks the best at the moment. (That's supposed to be a fire extinguisher she's holding, by the way.) Overall, Sky has to look far more stressed out to make the punchline work.

Eh, it's a start. I'll keep sketching until things start to click!


Anonymous said...

I see that Bud does not corner the market on mischief by fire.

Iron Ed said...

Good one(three). :-)

All these seemed very understandable to me. I agree with your comments, but think it would also be good as-is.

If you remove Gene from the top one, with no other changes, it does remind me just a bit of, "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble" though. ;-)