Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stop playing games!

Where's the damn Copper Road strip, Chrispy?

The answer... I dunno? This is a problem I run into whenever I integrate the Copper Road kids into the main Precocious strip... they're too occupied to have adventures on their own. Yes, I suppose I could simply focus on the Copper Road-only characters, but I'm lacking on ideas there too. I'm sorta all in with this group projects storyline. Sorry!

The other side of Copper Road is that it can serve as a running commentary on current events or my life... a life which has been nothing flashy of late. Woo! Hey, at least there's always current events... which I'm barely keeping up on. This is self-sabotage!

I'll have something up for Copper Road soon enough. At worst, I'll use the "in case of emergency, break glass" idea I've been sitting on. (It's only meh, so I've been procrastinating on it.)

Maybe I'll lift up my head and start noticing things around me soon. But, hey, while my head is down I AM MAKING AWESOME PRECOCIOUS STRIPS! Starting Monday, all the set-up is over and the long story begins to draw to its epic end! (We still have around two months to go. As I said. EPIC!)

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Iron Ed said...

Maybe some of the ideas you cut from Precocious would do well as singletons if you reworked them for Copper Road?