Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eeeny Ooony Wah!

This is just a little bit of weirdness I wanted to share.

Every week I set up my Sumdays to send off the colorist (thanks to Matthew of Sometime Alone!) using the same file. This means there's a brief moment when the new strip and old dialog coincide.... sometimes with hilarious results! To me, at least. Shut up!

Now, about that title. If you have not read The Prehistory of the Far Side (REQUIRED READING!) the title makes no sense. The title refers to one of times when the captions of Far Sides got switched in a paper. Instead of a strip where a contractor points out treehouses as if they are infestations, the caption for a strip where slugs worship a salt shaker while chanting nonsense was used. The result was a big WTF for readers and headache for Gary Larson. SO NOW YOU KNOW!

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