Friday, March 12, 2010

I has an angel!

No, this is nothing spiritual or anything. I just unlocked the angel class in Disgaea DS - the game that has become my life! It is the perfect game: You can pick it up and play a level in the item world, then go off and work, then come back for another level, then try to work but end up playing another level, then... you get the picture. Anyway, this is a major victory in my life at the moment.

I'm going to do all the pressing work TOMORROW. I might even leave the house! Wait, on a Saturday? Eww, maybe not. The next week is going to be the real pain in the rear, so I'd best get the trivial stuff out of the way.

Things are still going well on the production front. While I failed to blog yesterday (I didn't even realize the day passed until 3am!) I got two more comics done, which was the plan. Today's plan was to get a double comic done... but instead I GOT AN ANGEL! (Worth it!)

I'm not going to cry over missing the occasional blog entry, although I will always *try* to have something up every day. Some weeks my production is bloggable and some weeks it isn't. Same goes for Copper Road, which is looking less and less likely to appear this week. That's because all my good material is going into Precocious this week. Next week I'll be coasting on a buffer, so Copper Road changes increase. As long as Precocious is up and quality every day, I'm pleased. The bonuses can be sacrificed.... but only rarely. I refuse to let this become a habit!

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Iron Ed said...

Somehow I suspect a halo for Tiff would need to be 'adhered' with duct tape or bubble gum or something. ;-)

I don't mind Copper Road missing a week now and again, but I'd really hate to lose it. I've gotten as fond of those characters as I am of the Sapphire Lake bunch!
It's interesting to see the contrast between how the Copper Road kids treat each other vs how the Sapphire Lake kids do.