Monday, March 29, 2010

A forest of mock-ups!

All the new stuff is in the sketch book, but it was more fun to take a photo of all the mock-ups I've been creating for the card projects! I'll keep churning these buggers out too. It's kinda fun!

I tried working larger in the sketchbook, with the potential of scanning 'em, shrinking 'em and printing 'em out for tracing, but those large drawings didn't have the charm as the real-sized. I think I'll keep tracing and perfecting. Bonus: More tracing means more mock-ups!


Al S. Romero said...

They are not all bad, pretty good.

Iron Ed said...

I'm having a hard time picking my favorite, but I'm kinda leaning towards the one in the far back. They're all really good!

Anonymous said...

They're very nice-and very soon, you will be able to buy them to give to your loved ones! As for me, I like them all.