Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bud has a sister?

I debated not sharing this, but it's all I've doodled recently and the clock says I need something to post - besides, it's not like I haven't posted Bud's sister on the blog before.

No, this doesn't mean she's entering the strip soon. It was more of me realizing I haven't drawn Casey in OVER A YEAR. My skills have certainly improved since then, so let's do the Casey Oven update! It took me a few tries to remember how I did her hair, but I like how it came out. The wardrobe and accessories aren't standard yet, as she's not official until she enters the strip.

Anyway, it's good to practice new characters before they appear in the strip, so I can work the kinks out. The new character who appears Wednesday is one whose first and final design came on the comic itself. That's very daredevil for me.


Al S. Romero said...

I was viewing your previous posts from 08(I get pretty bored on the Internet) and saw Casey's drawing, so I already know how she looks. That being said, cool.

Anonymous said...

I also went digging into the older posts. This should be interesting. Having said that, she doesn't look too happy with little brother there.