Sunday, November 29, 2009

Painting at the speed of snail

I'm entering the home stretch with the latest painting - after much much delay in production. Hey, I've been doing comics! It's not like I'm being lazy!

This one took a while because it fell into the typical painting trap. Great paint sketches are tough to turn into great paintings, while lackluster sketches make one want to improve! This one isn't going down as one of my best, but I think it'll come out solid. When combined with the others this size, I should have a beautiful show ready for a gallery near you!

When those other paintings are finished, that is. This is painting #3, and I have 5 canvasses to go. I need to paint FASTER!

As I progress, I do get excited on having a new series to show off. Imagine two walls of four, with a the rest of a gallery peppered with bite-sized paintings and my massive four-footers! Now if only this economy was doing better... Eh, by the time I get this series finished, there's a chance the art world will be welcoming again!

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