Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reunited, and it feels so good!

I'm back home, with my beloved no-copy blue pencil. Oh, how I missed this little bugger! Fat mechanical pencil, you were a poor substitute!

Anyway, daddy's tired from a hellacious drive home during a dreary, rainy day. I'm too lazy to hook up my scanner, much less sketch something fun for the day. Instead you get to bask in the glory of my bloated ate-out-for-20-straight-meals face! Sexy!


Danny said...

In the same restaurant, or did you have some variety, I ate out for the last three weeks in a lot of different restaurants and a few different cities, I want to sleep in my own bed... I couldn't imagine switching a tool as close knit to you as your pencil (for me, well... I've got nothing that I'm allowed to get used to)

Christopher J Paulsen said...

I sampled most everything the elderly in DC could love! Mix in some giant southern-style (read: BUTTER!) meals and I'm an overstuffed mess! Worse: I am now accustomed to eating when not hungry. This is not good!

Odd thing is that my pencil is just a little standard cheapo kind - but I got used to it nonetheless.

Are you still touring around? Wow, you're really on the go!

Danny said...

I did go home for a while before this last trip. and tomorrow I'll be back home (at my real house!)

Yes, do be careful about that, it's a nasty habit, I'm now in love with fusion cooking (my wallet's been drained!). I remember my America days and I think my diet was very similar to what you're having!

Sam said...

For some reason you look just a tad like Kurt Cobain in this shot. Weird.