Saturday, November 14, 2009

Comic overload

I've been on a tear this week, with the goal of building up my damn comic buffer. What you see here is the product of the last few days of intense work: 15 pages of comics. (Sadly, only 8 comics total, not including the Copper Road.) I have a whole pile left to ink, but it's still good progress.

The goal is get to myself two weeks ahead, and then use said weeks to get the application process in motion for my eventual grad schooling. That's the goal. We'll see how it plays out. I did get an added bonus in that Matthew Dawson of Sometime Alone has volunteered to do my Sunday coloring. That frees up a lot of time. The coloring itself only takes an hour or two, but I loath it so there's also many hours of griping and procrastination.

Can I do it? Can I get my conic ahead enough to get my life in order? PROBABLY NOT, but I'm gonna try anyway!

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Al S. Romero said...

Good luck. At least you don't have a debate tournament for two days. Man is it very stressful, just save poverty.